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Visceral fat and belly fat is extremely harmful type of fat that are found around your organs. The first two weeks of belly fat loss are vital because changes to exercise and diet result in large weight loss. There are two ways to reduce belly fat, by doing exercise and taking healthy diet. If you combine both the ways together, then you will be able to reduce belly fat instantly. Are you tired of obesity and dieting? Only dieting is not the solution of your fat store. Do you want to lose your belly fat? A fat burning heart rate workout plays a vital role for weight loss. For Burning a huge amount of fat, choose the workout that raises your metabolism for a long time. There three types of workout that can increase your heart rate.

  1. Light workout
  2. Moderate workout
  3. Severe Workout

Sever Workout is not a ninety minutes exercise in the gym, it is a lifestyle. It is true because losing fat from belly is not very simple and easy because it needs strong determination, consistency, and regularity. The hard work is the prime element that is required for this. It is very important to maintain stamina and determination from day one to day last. The belly fat losing exercise rules are not very simple. With the help of some techniques, you can reduce maximum fat from the belly area.

Rules to Reduce Belly Fat?

  • Get stronger
  • High protein
  • Low Carb
  • Limit alcohol
  • No smoking

Workout to Reduce Belly Fat

It is exceptionally advantageous to do exercise in the morning since it is the genuine time to breathe in the oxygen. It improves the digestion system of the body. You should utilize the methods in yoga that are for arms. It burns calories and helps to shed down the plenty of fats from your body.

  • Crunches

How To Lose Belly Fat In a Week

Nothing can burn belly fat quicker than crunches. It occupies the number one position in all belly exercise. The butterfly crunch, side crunch, shoulder press and dumbbell crossover punch. Do not lift your torso after setting up on the ground. Do not sit straight. There should be an angle of thirty to forty degrees with the ground. In this way, you will feel pressure on the abdominal muscles.

  • Twist Crunches

To strengthen abdominal muscles, high volume is vital with lifting heavy weights. This strategy is good to train small muscles. With fewer sets, it is impossible to build small muscles. Twisting on both sides is the best way to reduce fats on the sides on the belly. You need to give 60 seconds daily to this workout in the company of the crunches. It is very important to follow the rules. These are helpful to make body stout and fit.

  • Side Crunches

Make sure your movements should be slow and steady. If you do these crunches in a hurry it may be harmful for you. To maximize fat burning on abdominal area, it is good to change the workout routine. It is amazing to get 100% results of your workout. It is an important rule of this workout. It is like twist crunches. Tilt is the basic thing to do with shoulders and legs. It is good to focus on the sides. You may face injury in back if you do not keep your back straight.

  • Rolling Plank Exercise

Keeping your body straight on the ground, looking forward parallel to ground, lift your body on the arms and toes helps in maximum fat burning from the abdominal area.

A normal person must do these workouts in the morning. Doing these workouts keeps him fresh and healthy all the day. Breathing in the fresh air in the morning provides a plenty of oxygen and man will enjoy the healthy life. Raising the metabolism of the body after finishing the exercise will give a good and active routine during the whole day. The benefit of the body for muscle building is that it strengthens them for weightlifting. It is the best workout for preparing your body for muscle building.

Juice to Burn Fat

1.Mean Green

  • Apple, lemon, ginger, celery, cucumber, kale
  • Blend all the ingredients in the blender in a glass of water.

 2.Heart Beat

  • Lemon, carrot, beet-root, orange, apple
  • Blend all the ingredients in the blender in less amount of water around a glass

3.Beet Nik

  • Spinach, celery, carrot, apple, beet-root
  • It needs to blend all the ingredients in the blender properly.

It helps to reduce one kg in just two days by burning fat and wash the unhealthy salts from the body. It is highly beneficial in improving the flavor of the juice.

Some Important Tips to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Here are some important tips that will help you in getting the flat belly. These are common rules that should be added in the routine life of a person. If you add these things in your daily life then you will never confuse.

  1. Take exercise daily. Morning walk is the best for your health.
  2. If you live nearby your office then prefer walking.
  3. Take healthy food. Add fresh salads in your diet.
  4. Avoid junk foods that only increase your calories.
  5. Stop eating when you are full. Never insist you to take extra meal. Let’s digest it first then you know that you are full or not.
  6. Sleeping is also a major part of your life. Sleep well on nights. Your sleeping hours should be at least 7-10 hours. At night your body is relaxed and working.
  7. You just avoid over eating and sitting. Sitting is the posture that tends to gather the extra fats at the belly.

Diet to Lose Belly Fat

  • Vegetables: Asparagus, Green beans, Broccoli, Salads
  • Fats: flax oil, milk, cheese, almonds
  • Carbs: Apples, Bananas, Oranges
  • Carbs: Rice, Bread, Oatmeal, Pasta, Cream of Rice
  • Protein: Eggs, Whey Protein, Chicken Breasts, Lean Steak, Tuna

In a day, a person should eat 6 meals to get maximum strength. You daily diet should be very simple but healthy.


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