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What is Called a Healthy High Protein Diet?

Now a day’s people have become more health and weight conscious, with the increase in awareness of healthy lifestyle people are now looking for a diet that is healthy and good in taste at the same time. A balanced diet is always a healthy diet. Anything, when taken in excess, can cause weight increase and other health issues.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are the most common diseases around the world. All the high carbonated and high in sugar content diets have led to such diseases. These health issues have now gained much concern around the world as they are now considered the major causes of all the dangerous diseases. One health issue led to another, therefore dieticians and doctors are now working together to spread awareness regarding the negative effects of these diets and also how incorporating fruits vegetable and healthy protein can lead to a healthy well-balanced diet.


With this person are now focusing on high protein and low carbohydrate diet, there are many different diet plans now available in the market that are completely focused on the consumption of high proteins and low carbohydrates.

However, every diet plan may vary based on the amount and types of proteins and carbohydrates being incorporated. This might sometimes get much confusing as some dieticians recommend having high protein diet while other might recommend excluding the protein entirely from diet. Therefore it is best to consult a doctor or a dietician first to get the best and suitable results. A combination of proteins and carbohydrates shall be taken with proper guidance only.

So who Should follow a High Protein and a Low Carbohydrate Diet?

It is to note that a diet high in proteins and low in carbohydrates is not suitable for everyone to lose weight, therefore, it is best to first find a diet that suits you.

Studies have proved that a high protein diet for some people is very effective in losing weight and to reduce fat. For those morbidly obese people, high protein intake and low carbohydrates prove best to kick start the weight loss.

High protein diet is very effective in losing weight in different ways, for example, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins all have different impact on brain thus the amount consumed also affects the brain. If you are consuming a diet less in carbohydrates than then it sends a signal to your brain which leads to the stimulation of hormone that reduces the appetite.

How much Protein Shall be Consumed?

Many people have difficulty in digesting high protein, while others may have no problem in getting the sufficiently high portion of protein.

According to the dietary allowance, the sufficient amount of protein intake is 56grams per day for men and 46 grams per day for women. However, it has been found that majority of Americans exceeds the required amount of protein intake.

Low Carbohydrate intake does not mean zero Carbohydrate intakes;

There are many different diets that entirely eliminate the intake of carbohydrates in every form and while there are other diets that suggest that in taking a very low amount of carbohydrates can be injurious to health.

So it is best to understand that a balanced diet is a healthy diet.

It is important to know carbohydrates too has an important function in the body and they constitute an important place in our diet, therefore completely eliminating them seems not to be a good idea.

It is essential to intake carbohydrates as they play an important role in generating energy for your body. Doing exercise regularly, and eliminating carbohydrates will lead to damaging your muscle fat. Carbohydrates can be taken in the form of healthy fruits like the banana that gives you enough energy to help you tackle the intensity of a workout, hence causing to burn maximum calories.

Reduce the Portion sizes of your Diet

high protein low carb diet

Carbohydrates are only harmful when consumed by the excess amount. You can benefit the inclusion of carbohydrates in your diet by limiting the portion size of intake. A diet high in proteins with low in carbohydrates thus can be a healthy option. Just keep a check that your body is in taking enough carbohydrates to fuel the need.

When moving to a diet plan it is best to consult a dietician to know correctly the energy requirements of your body which are generally based on height, age, and gender. This will help, you to know the safe portion of the diet.

The intake of Healthy Proteins;

When taking a high protein diet, it is essential to get it from the right sources only. Some high protein diets come in a package with the intake of low carbohydrates only but shall incorporate fewer amounts of high saturated fats.

There is no doubt in saying that saturated fats are not good for health and therefore shall be taken in limited amount only. Studies have shown a high saturated diet have many negative effects on the body, they can cause many different diseases like heart attack, blood pressure, diabetes and definitely weight gain.

It is, therefore, necessary to know the right protein source that has a lesser amount of saturated fats.

Some healthy high protein food includes;

• Lean meat, but the visible fat shall be removed

• Eggs are high in healthy protein

• Fish

• Chicken

• Low-fat milk, cheese and yogurt

• Legume, beans, peas and soybeans

• Nuts like almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and cashews

• Seeds like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds

Fruits and vegetables;

In order to achieve a well-balanced diet, it is very important that you incorporate fruits and vegetables into it. It fulfills the nutritional needs and shall be part of your regular meal

Fruits and vegetables are low in carbohydrates and low in fats and calories except a few, thus they are an ideal mean for gaining energy

Vegetables are low in carbohydrates but some are high in carbohydrates so it is best to find out which one of those are so that you could avoid adding them to your diet plans.

The vegetables high in carbohydrates are;

• Peas

• Carrots

• Potatoes

• Corn

• Squashes

Fruits, on the other hand, are generally high in sugar content, but the form of sugar they contain is healthy sugar so in taking them is good for your health.

Choosing Carbohydrates

When on low carbohydrates diet, fiber intake also gets low which can cause many different problems like constipation. Constipation triggers weight gain thus disturbing the whole cycle, therefore it is very important that you are consuming the diet high in fiber. Avoid refined and high sugar carbohydrate foods. Fruits, however, are high in fiber and low in carbohydrate.


high protein low carb diet

Fat is essential for your body to function properly, however, when aft consumed in excess can cause weight gain. A high protein diet shall be rich in unsaturated fatty acids, these acids are essential for normal functioning of heart thus prevents heart diseases.

A diet high in proteins with low saturated and high unsaturated fatty acids will help you in improving the nutritional needs of your body. Fish is a perfect high protein diet, seeds and nuts are also a good source of gaining protein and fats.

A Healthy Well-balanced Diet

high protein low carb diet

The low carbohydrate and high in protein diet will lead you to reduce the intake of many foods; however, it is essential to follow a well-balanced diet. A well-balanced diet is low in saturated fats and high in unsaturated fats with the addition of high protein low carbohydrates and high intake of fruits and vegetables. Such diet helps you in gaining necessary minerals, vitamins, and fiber.


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