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Hypertension is a disease that involves increased risk of getting heart attack. People normally take a lot of medicines to keep their blood pressure down. However, these medications may have some negative impacts on health. There is an easy way of getting rid of blood pressure. The diet taken by a person has a high impact on the blood pressure control. If the person take healthy and appropriate diet, it is possible to keep the blood pressure down without any medication. Some of the changes that should be taken in diet plan are discussed in this article. Natural products keeping the blood pressure level down are also discussed.

Guide for keeping healthy diet High Blood Pressure Diet

High Blood Pressure Diet

The diet for reducing blood pressure involve food that has low fats, more vegetable and fruits as well as more whole grain. The dairy products having less number of fats in them can keep the cholesterol as well as blood pressure level under control. There is also a famous diet by the name of DASH approach. This is an acronym that stands for Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension. It is not easy for some people to change their diet habits but some of the healthy tips should be followed. First of all the diary for keeping the record of food should be kept. This will monitor the complete diet taken by a person. Then, the person should take diet that is rich in potassium. This is a nutrient that slows down the effect of sodium on the blood pressure. The food rich in potassium is normally veggies and fruits. Also, shopping should be done wisely. The dining plan of person should be healthy even if he is eating out.

Reducing alcohol

High Blood Pressure Diet

Alcohol is a drink that is not always harmful. Up to a certain level it can be positive for High Blood Pressure Diet. This positive impact is changed when the person have alcohol is large amount. Alcohol should not be taken more than one drink for women and more than two drinks for men in a single day. If a person takes one single drink, it is equal to 12 ounces beer and 5 ounces wine. So a moderate level of drink should be taken so that the blood pressure level is maintained and does not raise more than a specific level. Even the effectiveness of blood pressure medicine is reduced when the person have too much drink.

Limiting amount of sodium in food

Sodium can be really dangerous for people suffering from high blood pressure. This is the main ingredient that should be avoided and doctors do not allow the patient of hypertension to take sodium in food. Change in small amount of sodium can have a lot of variation in the blood pressure calculation. Different people have different impact after reducing sodium in food. Mostly, the appropriate count is to limit the amount of sodium to 2300 mg in a single day. The person who are more sensitive to salt should limit this amount to 1500 mg. some tips are considered to reduce the amount of sodium in food. First of all, the person should read labels of food. Whenever the person goes for shopping goods or drinks, the label should be read accurately to know the right amount of sodium present in it. Then the intake of processed food should be reduced. The natural food has really less amount of sodium and people add sodium while processing food, so more natural food is encouraged. The salt should not be added in food, however, in place of salt the natural herbs, as well as spices, are added in the food. This will increase the flavor of food. It is not right and appropriate to immediately cut down the intake of sodium. The amount of sodium is reduced gradually to have better result. The person can adjust easily in this way.

Cutting down caffeine

The role played by caffeine in High Blood Pressure Diet is still under consideration. The people who are habitual in drinking coffee have almost no effect on their blood pressure. However, the individuals who drink coffee occasionally can have increased in their blood pressure by 10 mm. there is a possibility that after drinking coffee the blood pressure figure might raise slightly. A person can see the impact of caffeine intake on the body when he checks his blood pressure after 30 minutes of taking caffeinated drink. If there is a slight increase, then the person is sensitive to the caffeine intake. The person must communicate this information to his physician.

Leafy green food

High Blood Pressure Diet

Among vegetables the person should take the ones that are leafy green. They will help a lot in reducing the amount of blood pressure. These plants contain more potassium and in this way more sodium will be excreted from the body. The blood pressure is reduced and high potassium veggies have many other benefits. Some of the common leafy green veggies are green turnip, arugula, collard greens, beet green and spinach. Also, some of the canned food has high among of sodium in them so the person must take these green vegetables in fresh form. The best way is to freeze these nutrients because their nutritional value is preserved in this way. a great juice can be formed when a person mix these veggies with nut milk or banana.

Red Beets

Nitric oxide is rick in beets. The blood pressure is reduced and blood vessels are opened up when the person takes red beet. The nitrates present in red beet are proven to reduce the blood pressure after proper research. The best way is to take its juice or eat the root as a whole. Most of the people also roast it to make a delicious dish. People also bake them in a way to make really amazing chips. There are number of ways of taking this rich in nutrition dish. However, special care should be taken while handling the beet root because it can leave dark stains on the clothes and hands.


High Blood Pressure Diet

There are a lot of berries with multiple benefits. Exclusively blueberries are the best that are high in natural value. The compounds by the name of flavonoids are common in blueberries and research has proven that they can reduce blood pressure to a greater level. Other berries including strawberries and raspberries can also be added in the food. The person can easily put these berries in their breakfast meal. Berries is a food that cannot remain fresh for a long time so it is good to freeze the food for later use.

Use of yogurt and skimmed milk

The milk low in fat as well as having more calcium is not easily available. Skimmed milk is an excellent product for this. To reduce amount of blood pressure, the best thing to include in diet is calcium. There are some people who do not like to have milk so they can intake yogurt in place of milk. The research has shown that if a person has more than 5 servings of yogurt in a single week, the risk of getting high blood pressure is reduced by 20 percent. This yogurt becomes even more nutritious when more fruits are added in it. Also, when buying yogurt, the sugar amount should be considered because f the sugar quantity is low it would be better for the person.

Dark chocolate

The intake of dark chocolate is good to reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is proven through research and the person taking up to 100 mg of dark chocolate in a single day can have less chances of getting diseases related to heart. Less amount of sugar is present in dark chocolate with more coca solids. Card chocolate can be either used with fruits and yogurt to have more value. This is a really healthy dessert that can have [positive impact on the health of a person.


High Blood Pressure Diet

Oatmeal is a diet that has low sodium, high fiber and low amount of fat in it. This can reduce the blood pressure because of all these essential nutrients. Oatmeal is a really amazing meal for boosting up the energy for a day. This can add extra fuel to the person and he can act more energetically. This is normally used as a breakfast. The person just has to soak half cup milk with a half cup of oats in a jar. In the morning, fruits like berries as well as cinnamon can be added for more flavors. This is a diet that is really healthy for a person and can help a lot in reducing high blood pressure.

This was a list of some essential meals along with their nutrition value. If these food items are taken, they can be really helpful in controlling hypertension without any medicine. This was a small list, many other items such as garlic, banana, seeds, fish, olive oil and even pistachio can be added in this list to have a complete healthy diet plan.



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